Why does Aion Classic attract so many people?

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MMORPG Aion first appeared in 2009 and has changed a lot since then. The new server should bring the game back to its roots and inspire a lot of inspiration at the beginning so that there is a long queue. What happened there? Today, June 23, the Aion Classic server was launched in the United States. However, if you want to play correctly on the day of the launch, you must be prepared for long lines.


Why does Aion Classic attract so many people?

No paid progress items and old memories attract players

What type of servers are these?

From the patch to the interesting content released, the Aion classic server should be with us. So you can expect the following:
PvE content up to 50 levels
Fissures and fortress battles in PvP
4 basic courses from which you can further specialize
However, compared to 2009, there is a customized client and some balance adjustments, including reducing the experience points required to reach the highest level.

Aion Classic is currently only available in the United States, but there is no region lock, so you can also play there. The current version of Aion is operated by Gameforge in Europe. We have not received a reply from the publisher regarding whether the Classic server will also come to our request.


Why does Aion Classic attract so many people?

One aspect that is often mentioned in classic servers is the memory of the old times and the old feeling of the game. Some people see the current version of Aion as ixed to death.
You upgrade faster than before, everything becomes easier, and some old content has now been removed from the game.

In addition, many players criticized the current Aion because of its strong paid progress items, including:
Experience booster
Example abbreviation
Boosters to get more Aion Classic Kinah or more loot
Equipment that can be sold directly in the store
On the other hand, the Aion Classic Store only provides appearance content so far, and will continue to provide content without boosters or paid to win in the future.

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Why prerequisite I check out Aion Kinah?

For every Aion traditional member, although acquiring Aion Kinah might be an recurring method

What exactly is the Aion classic monetization model?

What is the Aion classic? In terms of exciting content from patch to release, the classic server should be with us. According to NCSoft, this is patch 1.0, but as early as 2009, we released patch 1.5. You expect: PvE content up to 50 levels

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