What exactly is the Aion classic monetization model?

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What is the Aion classic? In terms of exciting content from patch to release, the classic server should be with us. According to NCSoft, this is patch 1.0, but as early as 2009, we released patch 1.5. You expect:
PvE content up to 50 levels
1. Fissures and fortress battles in PvP
2. Four basic courses, further specialization from these courses lead to courses at this level
3. However, compared with 2019, there should be some adjustments. Therefore, the client will use version 2.7 to provide some comfort and balance adjustments. To upgrade faster and more accessible, the required experience points have also been reduced.
4. Compared with Retail Aion, the most significant change is that you need to subscribe to have the best equipment and level experience. The free version has substantial limitations.


What exactly is the Aion classic monetization model?

When will the Aion classic come out?

The US server is scheduled to be released on June 23, 2021. However, as early as June 16, you can log in to the client in advance and create your first role.

What exactly is the monetization model?
Aion Classic relies on the so-called Siel's Aura. This is an account status roughly equivalent to ESO
Siel's Aura allows you to get 100% experience points, collect mats and other content, and the ability to trade directly with players.
Siel's Aura is $15 for 30 days and $42 for 90 days.
If you use Aion as a free player, you can only get 50% of the experience points and are restricted somehow. For example, you will never get the best equipment dropped in the game and enough Aion Classic Kinah. However, all players will automatically get one hour of Siel's Aura every day, making you feel like an advanced player during this time.



You can see the exact restrictions in this overview:
Where is the store? Aion Classic should have a store, but it should only focus on appearance content. There should not be any winnings or benefits in the form of salary increases.
Is the classic server worth it? In 2019, World of Warcraft launched a classic server and celebrated its great success. It is said that World of Warcraft has the fastest growth in new subscriptions in the Classic version. WoW, Classic is now firmly established and received its first expansion through Burning Crusade in June.
But Aion has achieved success on the Classic server. These games were launched in South Korea on November 11, making MMORPG number 7 on the South Korean game leaderboard. Aion goes beyond games like WoW, Valiant, or Lineage 1. It didn’t even enter the top 30 before the Classic release, and now it’s still ranked 8th.

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Why does Aion Classic attract so many people?

MMORPG Aion first appeared in 2009 and has changed a lot since then. The new server should bring the game back to its roots and inspire a lot of inspiration at the beginning so that there is a long queue. What happened there? Today, June 23, the Aion Classic server was launched in the United States.

Why prerequisite I check out Aion Kinah?

For every Aion traditional member, although acquiring Aion Kinah might be an recurring method

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