Windows 11 officially unveiled, bringing surprises to mobile game players.

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Microsoft officially showcased Windows 11 in its Windows Event. There is also a feature that can particularly appeal to mobile gamers. Microsoft showcased the successor to Windows 10 at its official Windows event. In addition to the new design and many other adjustments, Microsoft also demonstrated a unique feature that is particularly suitable for mobile gamers. Because Windows 11 should be able to run Android applications officially. This may be a great feature, especially for mobile gamers who don’t want to take out their phones. But there may be some restrictions that we cannot foresee.

The Android application is about to land on Windows, but not as you expected
How does it work? Microsoft integrated the Amazon AppStore into its internal store. In this way, you can easily install Android applications on your Windows PC.
However, there may not be native support because Windows will use the emulator in the background so that you can use the application on Windows 11. Developers are talking about Intel Bridge here.
But we don’t yet know the minimum requirements for running Android applications because the hardware must also support Intel’s Bridge technology.
The Android application on Windows 11 also clearly answers Apple’s ability to run iOS applications on macOS.


Windows 11 officially unveiled, bringing surprises to mobile game players.

The first official picture shows the integration of the Amazon App Store in Windows 11.
What's the point? Mainly play and work on the PC, and occasionally users who use apps on their smartphones can also use their apps directly on their PCs or tablets with Windows 11 in the future.
Do you want to quickly log in to your favorite games and receive daily rewards? This way, you don’t even have to log in on your phone. It is not clear how the integration and mouse and keyboard support work.
However, the most significant advantage, especially for developers, is that they don’t have to pay Microsoft for using it.
High app store fees have long been a thorny issue for developers
Anyone who previously wanted to bring an application to the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store must give up part of the profits to the platform. However, if you publish Android applications through Windows now, you may not have to pay anything for them.

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