Everything we know about Microsoft WINDOWS 11 operating systems

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Microsoft officially released Windows 11 on June 24, 2021. In addition to the new design, there are some new features and functions that want to convince players. We have summarized all the known information about Windows 11. But please note that these are mainly rumors, and Microsoft has not confirmed many of them yet.


Everything we know about Microsoft WINDOWS 11 operating systems

Windows 11: release date, introduction and price
When will Windows 11 be officially launched? At 5 pm German time on June 24, 2021, Windows 11 was officially unveiled during the Windows event. (Via Microsoft.com). All important innovations and functions are described here.

When will Windows 11 come? Windows 11 should appear according to Microsoft Holidays 2021. Therefore, we assume that Microsoft will release Windows 11 in October or November 2021. This is where the Christmas business usually starts.

Windows 11 ISO-When can I download Windows 11?
Microsoft has announced that it will release the installation image (ISO) starting next week (June 28). Then all interested users can officially download Windows 11 and try it out.
However, Microsoft has also stated that not all features will be included in the preview version. If you want to try all the features directly, then you must be patient and wait for the official release. The release date should be the end of 2021.

Windows 11 Upgrade-Who can get Windows 11 for free?
Will Windows 10 to 11 be upgraded for free? Yes, in the official announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft stated that all Windows 10 users will get the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

Will there be a free upgrade from Windows 7 to 11? No, it is not yet certain. Support for Windows 7 has officially ceased in early 2021.
We don’t know whether Microsoft will give Windows 7 users a grace period and once again offer free options to upgrade their outdated operating systems.
Will Windows 8.1 to 11 be upgraded for free? Windows 8 usually looks better than Windows 7, because official support for Windows 8 will officially end on January 10, 2023. In principle, you can still use the official Windows 10 update wizard to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10.

Windows 11 account: offline mode still exists
Windows 11 should also continue to provide offline mode or local accounts. But even with Windows 11, this setting can be hidden well
Windows 11 Home Edition and Windows 11 Professional Edition can use local accounts. For the home version, you still need to hang out in the beta version (via deskmodder.de). We can't tell you what it looks like in the official version.

Windows 11-these are new features
At the Windows event, Microsoft demonstrated some of the innovations that Windows 11 will achieve. In addition to the design, some functions in the system have also changed:
The widget will be returned to Windows through a comprehensive overhaul, replacing the known live tiles in the Windows 10 start menu.
The news to be integrated has a new news feed.
Microsoft tools Teams and Xbox Game Pass will also be fully integrated into Windows 11.
Android games are about to land on Windows: A small but surprising news hints that Windows 11 is gaining support for Android applications.
Microsoft has not yet explained the exact extent and scope of support. However, the streaming means that apps from the Google Play store and Amazon store can be installed without any problems.
Why is Windows 11 interesting for gamers? Windows 11 is widely supported by DirectStorage. This feature has been used as a speed framework in Xbox Series X.
DirectStorage hides a new programming interface for data input and output. This interface should enable the graphics card to retrieve data from the hard disk faster, thereby reducing loading time.

Windows 11: Design
There are many pictures and reports about the new design of Windows 11. For example, a well-known technical YouTuber once explained that Windows 11 looks like a Mac.
Now Microsoft also showed the first batch of official pictures and changes, and commented on them:

What has changed?
The biggest change affects the start menu. Unlike the previously known lists and tiles in Windows 10, there are only a few icons in the middle of the taskbar.
Microsoft has also redesigned the menus and icons on the surface.
Otherwise, the design of Windows 11 looks much cleaner than previous versions of Windows, because it looks like you can set a lot of things separately.
What stays the same In particular, the menu and notification area in Windows stay the same.
As we know in Windows 10, the previously known folder structure still exists.

Windows 11: Performance
Some users have tested the current performance of the leaked Windows 11 version. However, you should note here that these numbers do not represent the final official version of Windows 11. Here, you must be patient and wait for the official release.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 performance: who is faster?
How does Windows 11 perform? YouTuber Ben Anonymous showed the first benchmark test of Windows 11 in the video.
He makes Windows 10 compete with Windows 11 and uses the benchmark tool 3DMark Time Spy. This suggests that Microsoft may have messed up performance.

Overall, Windows 11 scored 9.64% higher than Windows 10
The CPU performance of Windows 11 is 2.05% higher than that of Windows 10.
Both the graphics card and the processor became a bit hot (7.08% CPU and 2.57% GPU).
In addition, the boot time of Windows 11 has been reduced by 3 seconds (16 seconds vs. 13 seconds).

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